Top 5 Best Home Gym Equipment

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Working out from home is getting more popular these days mainly with the chicks having said that in this article I am going to talk about the best gym equipment used in the comfort of our homes. Many people like to work out at home these days but struggle in finding the best equipment for them, therefore I am going to do a top 5 of the most effective.

1. Treadmill – The treadmill has been around for years now and is an obvious favorite between people who like to workout from home, although the treadmill clearly isn’t going to help build muscle, it will help to cut down, keep fit, burn and use that excessive fat we do not need. A lot of people believe that cardio training is the only way for people to burn fat and keep healthy although other types of training help this too such a strength building training. The good thing about the treadmill is that different running techniques will help to achieve  goals set out such as interval training will help promote fat loss. With a treadmill you can burn over 700 calories in up to 1 hour. As well as exercise bikes no real skill is involved with these types of exercises so anybody can use them.

2.Muilti Gym – Now the Muilti-Gym would be my favorite if I was to train from home as strength and endurance training is what I do the most of. As well as building muscle you can still burn up to 400 calories in a 1 hour session. Unlike other exercise equipment this can be used more frequently without getting that tedious feeling you would get doing the same thing over and over. Here is an example of the excercises used on common muilti gyms

3.Exercise Bike – A static exercise bike is probably the most common home used gym equipment as they are reasonably priced for what they do. As most of us know bikes are a very effective form of exercise. This type of exercise is perfect for toning legs and increasing over all fitness, losing over 600 calories an hour. Exercise bikes are also a great way for beginners to get in to training as it doesn’t require much skill. High intensity work outs can also be achieved by simply increasing the resistance of the bike.

4. Cross trainer – This is yet another effective exercise machine. Cross trainer’s are used not only for fitness but for toning the body too. burning up to 600 calories an hour is achievable with this equipment. Physiotherapists also suggest this exercise to help promote recovery from injuries as it is one fixed straight effective movement. The cross trainer will not help build muscles but will help remove fat surrounding them. As there is quite a bit of twisting and tensing abs in this exercise it will help to strengthen the core also.

5.Rowing Machine – Rowing machines are a great way for either warming up to train legs or having a full intense rowing work out. Around 650 Calories can be lost in an hour of this type of exercise. There are many different techniques to achieve different goals on the rowing machine for example again using interval training will help promote a greater increase in fat loss.

Choosing to work out from home makes people feel they can self motivate themselves a little easier to get working out more frequent in some cases. Gym Equipment shown above in my top 5 can be found online


  1. We find that our clients respond better to training at home. When someone is happier and more comfortable they are more focused and train harder.

  2. Shin Ohtake says:

    Very useful article! I am exercising regularly and eating enough proteins but can’t see any real results yet. This article helps a lot.

  3. Jonathan says:

    One thing people need to remember is that everything takes space. Make sure you have plenty of it before you buy any equipment. If you don’t have enough space, just do bodyweight workouts.

  4. I agree with Melbourne Personal trainer that training at home might be far more rewarding for some people, especially for those who think that everyone is watching them at gym. If you enjoy lifting but don’t enjoy gyms working out at home is for you!

  5. Home Fitness says:

    I liked the article and the home gym equipment chosen! The only thing i feel missing was kettle bells?

  6. Great post. Liked it alot

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