“What you taking?”

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Well I decided last night after I’d done the blog post that this could all get very boring if I just keep posting my diet everyday… Mainly because it’s very similar every day anyway and there’s only so many gags I can try make about uncle bens rice!

So for this post I wanted to let you guys know which supplements I’m currently using.

First up as you’ll of seen from my previous diet posts the whey protein shakes are currently a pretty big part of my daily routine.

The reason why I use them so much is because if I was trying to consume that amount of protein from meat every day it would be costing me an absolute shit load and not only that but I’m at work Monday to Friday 9-5:30 and we only really have a microwave at work to cook any meals

I’ve currently got 2 shakes I’m using right now, one is like an all-in-one meal replacement and the other is a low carb and low fat shake which I can use at pretty much anytime throughout the day.

Along side the shakes I’m also taking currently are kre-Alklyn creatine and instead of you listening to me try sound like I know what I’m talking about check out the page from the guys at TrulyHuge Kre Alkalyn vs Creatine

Pre-Workout I never use to take anything, didn’t really think I needed to but the dark winter nights driving home in the car 1 hour every day was really killing me, by the time I’d got home been sat in a car that had the heaters on full and the heated seats (yeah bitches I got heated seats.) on I’d just feel run down once I got in…

So I’d be hearing a lot about Jack3d and figured I’d give it a whirl… best decision ever… the Tropical Punch tastes more than OK, I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’d sip on the stuff all day but it tastes just like the normal orange type cordial drinks you can buy and you don’t have to drink much of it at all.

Here’s a picture of the tub… looks like the sort of stuff cream comes in that Doctors prescribe you if you have an unwanted rash or something! 0 points to the marketing team here;

It gets me focussed for the gym WITHOUT any weird dodgy side effects like a lot of others I’ve tried where I either feel a bit edgy, or just feel sick or even ‘crash’ if I take too much.

This stuff just makes your face tingle because of the Beta Alanine but the effects I’ve seen are more than worth TinglyFace (I’m sure there’s a scientific name and reason as to why it does that but from here on in its called TinglyFace.)

Then finally I just take 2 multivitamins each day and every now and again I throw in some cod liver oil tablets to get in some omega3 as I really don’t like fish that much so it’s just an easy source!

I’m probably going to look to introduce some more supplements into my routine but not decided on which yet, when I do I’ll be sure to let you all know!

If anyone is reading these posts yet (which I highly doubt, but I’m going to pretend I have a few fans.) what are you guys currently taking?

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